Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Bunnies

Hello everyone.  Everything is melancholy right now, but we do have new baby bunnies!  My rabbit Cookie, had bunnies last Tuesday!  There are three.  A tan one (Butternut Cookie: Nutty for short), a black one (We haven't named her/him yet!  oops!  But she/he's my favorite!), and a black and white one  (Milkyway Oreo: Milky for short).  But alas, there is some bad news also.  Cookie died two days ago on Wednesday.  We don't know why but she did.  The bunnies were only a week old, and we didn't know if she had even had them, and we also didn't know if they were alive, because she had built her nest under the ground.  So we had to dig up the bunnies.  THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!  Ok, so when I  found out they were alive, my spirits got lifted and I started researching.  The bunnies were only eight days old.  So we have to hand-feed them for three more weeks.  We were all in a rush to get food for them, because Cookie had fed them every night since they were born, but we didn't know if she fed them the night before.  My momma then went to the store and got Puppy formula.  We didn't have any dropper feeders like the vet suggested we should use, so we used oral syringes.  They did not take to the food until last night.  We went to the store yesterday to get puppy bottles for nursing them without a mama.  That's what we use now!  I guess if you have to hand-raise any kits (baby bunnies), ask me, because I'm an expert!  Here are some pictures of Cookie, and of the babies:
P. S. If you have any name suggestions for the Black bunny, just comment on this post, or if you would like to maybe purchase one, comment also and leave your email.

 Cookie... :'( may she rest in peace.

 "We are family, all my brothers 'n sisters 'n me!"
 Hyrum holding Mr. Black (does that work? not really...)
 Me holding Fudge (what about that?)
 Me holding Nutty while Mama feeds him with a syringe.
Their humble abode. Ya, what a joke.



  1. I wish I could have a bunny or a puppy or a kitty so bad but my moms allergic to every single freakin animal with fur. :*(