Sunday, June 10, 2012

St. George Campsite

Everything is...Perfect!!  Well, sort of.  I have a new grandmother.  (That's the good part!) Her name is Judy Potter Moss (now).  (Here comes the bad part :( )   My family and I drove to St. George on Friday.  We stayed at a campground called Red Cliffs, located just before St. George, to sleep for the night.  I don't have enough time to post the pictures about "Hyrum's Ant Bite" but I can tell the story.
           We had just finished dinner, and Hyrum decided to be "helpful" by dumping out the water from the wash bucket (about 1 1/2' by 8") onto the ground.  Then he went to the water spout and filled the bucket back up with new clean water.  He brought the bucket back to our campsite, and set it on the table.  Now, ants DO NOT like it when people dump things on their homes.  No, they do not, and Hyrum's screaming proved it.  You can guess what happened next.  Some of the ants climbed on the cement, and roamed around, looking for an ankle to force their anger on.  Yep.  That happened to be Hyrum's ankle.  Unfortunately, Hyrum was not expecting this, so he decided to scream.  Not your usual yelling/crying.  He was screaming, like bloody-murder screaming.  We could not get him to calm down.  As you will soon see from his facial expressions, in the pictures, it was painful.  That is the story of Hyrum's Ant Bite. So remember:  Ants DO NOT like it when people dump things on their homes.

           Pretty interesting huh?  My favorite part was when our German neighbors started laughing at us.  Ya.  That was funny.  I bet it wasn't for Hyrum though!  :)  Love you Hyrum!! You are the best baby brother EVER!!!
Luvs ya!

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