Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No chores! But with a price.

Hey everybody!!!  Everything is... wonderful-ish so far.  Yesterday though, was a bit much.  This is how I got out of my chores.  So I was unloading the dishwasher, and I put one of our cups on top of another one, already in the drawer, and it broke.  Yep.  We have the small glass cups from IKEA (the awesomest store in the world, right up there next to Hobby Lobby!) that are really wonderful, and usually don't break, but one did. (I have no idea why, I mean, I was stacking the cups!)  But, luckily, it only broke into two pieces so there wasn't a big mess.  I decided that I "wasn't" being stupid while I was playing with the piece, trying to see if I could fit it exactly in where it broke in the first place, and I dropped it.  Right.  On.  My.  Foot.  Yep.  It didn't hurt very much, so I assumed it was just a scratch, but after, like, five seconds, it started hurting more, so I shoved my other foot (right foot) on top of it, to pressurize the blood (if there was going to be any).  So I was standing there, wobbling, cause my foot was on top of the other one, and I was holding the broken glass (luckily it didn't break into lots of pieces since my poor left foot broke it's fall).  I tried to turn around without falling over, to put the glass in the trash can, but there was no bag in it, so I couldn't, so I just gave it to my mom (who at the time, was yelling at Kayla to put a bag in the can).  Then I tried (and failed) to hop/wobble to the bathroom, so I could wash off my newly acquired wound, but I didn't want to get blood on the floor from one foot, and I didn't want to hurt the other even more, so that's how I failed (at getting to the bathroom).  Fortunately though, I made it, even though after I had to wipe off a bit of blood from the floor.  I got in the tub and washed it off.  Then I got a band-aid on it and since it was bleeding like crazy, my mom told me to go sit on the couch and raise it on a pillow.  Hyrum (my ADORABLE little brother) was feeling bad for me, so he got me a pillow (he's only four) and some blankets and stuff to  "help me get better."  So I didn't have to finish unloading the dishwasher.  Instead I got to read.
Luvs ya!

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