Saturday, June 16, 2012

Girl's Camp

Hey y'all!  Everything is...sleep.  At least that's all I think about now that I'm back from girl's camp.  It was wonderful.  We did a lot of stuff up at Heber. Yep, our stake is lucky enough to go to Heber.  If you want to know why, ask me later.  (on email or sommat)  My most favorite parts had to be the Zipline at the Confidence Course, and doing the Sing-Thing.  These are some pictures I took...
Joanna posing for a picture...she never smiles for me... :)
Jessi posing for a picture too...she decided to be silly too...

Sis. Thurston was nice enough to smile.
Makelle, did not want me to take her picture.
Tali, looking beautiful as ever...LOVE YA!
This is us after we finished a puzzle of the temple.
This is us working on a second puzzle, with more pieces. 

This is a doe, if you can see her.  She looked like she wasn't eating anything, since we could see her ribs, so we didn't try to scare her away.

This is Makelle, not letting me take her picture again...
and again...
and again...
ya, um, I won't explain this one.
Hey Jessi (N.)!
This is Soni, ya, she wants to marry an irishman when she grows up...
Soni and Tiff Tuff
This is our modern version of Shadrach, Meeshack, and Abed-nego (did I spell those right?)

This is the Firey Furnace...haha

This is after, when we were supposed to put out the fire, Maren decided that we should dump the water on it, instead of sprinkle it lightly over it.

This is our Hike, which we got lost on, but Kayla found the path again for us.  Thanks Kayla!!
Maren...uh...I have no idea why I took this picture.
This is Kayla, our faithful Leader who stuck to the straight and narrow path.
This is us at the lake, and no, I did not take this picture, Tacha did before she got on the lake.

Tali, again.

Jessi M. , laughing at me.
The Sing-Thing.  We were 80's people...I think? Grayson (sorry if I spelled that wrong) Jessi N., Ayan, and Megan.

All of us making fools of ourselves.
"One way or Another, the Temple's where we all belong!"

This is us running up the aisles, after the song ended.  You can see me on the right, running up.  I was the only one (excepting Tali of course) who ran up the right side.  oops!
Ya, I look retarded.
This is Sis. Riddle on the Zipline.  No one took a pic of me, so this is how it looks.
Walking across the swinging bridge is the scariest part.
Sis. Riddle, going off the edge.
This is the only section on the CC that I took pictures while we were there.

Oh Sara...haha.

Sis. Riddle

OOH, that's me!!!
I should've deleted this pic.


  1. Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going in the morning!

  2. That looks like it was so much fun!!!

  3. I got to go to Kirtland for Girl's camp. I didn't get to zipline though :(