Sunday, November 16, 2014

General Conference (I'm only a month late....gosh)

I love conference. I love hearing the prophets speak. There have been many great talks this past semi-annual.
           When I was younger my favorite parts about conference were digging into and eating my 72-hour kit goodies, doing Conference Bingo with skittles, and gathering with the entirety of my extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, people who aren't really a part of our family by bloodline but people we've pretty much adopted...etc.....) Conference meant pumpkin pie made by the best (my grandma) and staying home all day (no itchy dresses!!). And even though my attention span was pretty short (we all just love staring at those striped ties-am I right? :D), I loved conference. And now, as a teenager, I still love conference...maybe even more. Because now, conference means advice and answers to my questions and prayers. It means hearing our beloved prophet's voice and knowing that I am strong and that I can be stronger. And even in the accidental occasion that I fall asleep, it's not because the talks are boring; it's because I feel so at peace. I feel loved. I feel confident and safe and I know that my God lives.
        I <3 Conference.
Do you ever wish that you could just fly up and visit heaven once in a while? I do. Sometimes I wish I could just skip this trial-filled life on earth and live with God again. But then that makes me feel guilty and lazy. And then I have to remind myself to keep working towards being Christlike so that when the times comes for me to actually meet God again, I'll be prepared.
         My favorite talk from this past conference was Elder Bednars. He really made it easy for me to invite someone to church. :) Uchtdorf's was amazing as well. They're all great. I love this gospel. Do you?
         What are some of your favorite Conference experiences? What was your favorite talk from this past semi-annual?
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Luvs Ya,
Alls <3