Hair Do's and Don'ts

Today everything is hairdo's.
I tried this idea out from a pin on pinterest. It was okay, but not my favorite. Especially with long hair, because I like my hair up.

I'm in love with this fishtail!!! If you didn't notice. :)  If more than 3 people comment, I'll post a tutorial.

I've been obsessed with bows lately....

just a simple two-braids with a hat!

I put my hair up like this before I cut it all off.  It's really easy and fun to get creative with the colored hair ties.

When I actually get around to curling my hair...(this is wand-curled).

Curled my hair for a special occasion (my first home-made shirt!)

I had Emma Harris over and she decided to make my hair look like a snake!

Got my hair done up for a special night out.

My favorite sporty hairstyle.  Even if it falls out from all the running it still looks cute!

My sister has short hair, and she wanted me to put it up.

french half updo

My Princess Leia bun!

I'm in love with messy buns and bows.  What about you?

Braids, braids, and more braids. 

Sorry for the random ear.  Taking backwards pictures takes practice!

I love this bun! It's so soft!

I twisted my hair under my favorite headband.

Loop some hair through a half pony and there you have it!

Mmmmm. Yes. Flowers and crown braids.

Day after I decided to waste my time curling my hair.

I love top knots and bows. :)

And you all, of course!
<3 Alls

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