Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Colonial Days

Everything is... medieval.  I LOVE COLONIAL DAYS!!  I don't know, everything just fascinates me.  Colonial Days, is when people from the Colonial Heritage Foundation come and present how things were done in the colonial days.  My favorite figure is the Cooper.  The Cooper makes brooms, and wood things and the like.  I also loved the ceramics/pottery dude.  He made a sweet little blue bowl, that I was going to buy, but someone got there before me.  Then there was the baker.  He gave us a sample of hardtack, boy am I glad I didn't live back then.  There was also the spoon maker, and the clothes guy, who hand sews everything.  EVERYTHING!! It was kinda scary.  Then there was the blacksmith, and the guy who made coffins.  yep, it was pretty sweet!


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