Fashonista Rebecca

Everything is...Fashion!!!  This page contains all of the clothes I design for Rebecca, my 18-inch doll. 

Here's a "Romper" I made for Becca a while ago. I just love rompers and how they look and feel, so since I couldn't make one for myself...Becca it was!!

:) I made a yo-yo too, for her hair. I just love yo-yo's!

 This is probably my favorite dress out of Becca's Wardrobe.  I sewed it myself, and used my fav button to help secure the back together.

 Like the flowers?  They are pinned on, since I was lazy the day I made this for her, I was sick of sewing!
 These are of Becca in her "Princess Dress," sadly, I didn't make this dress, but all the others I did!!

 These Pic's are of Becca in our backyard tree.  In the one below, you can see parts of the base of our treehouse.
 Below:  This is a picture of Becca "picking strawberries"  in our strawberry patch out front.


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