Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sammie's Baptism

Hello.  Everything is peaceful today.  I forgot to blog about Sammie's Baptism on Saturday, so I will now.  Sammie is my little sister.  She is going into third grade.  She has deep blue eyes and short cut brown hair.  She loves to create just like me, and I bet she'll have a blog of her own by the time she's my age.  Ok now for the fun part.  On Monday June 25, 2012, Sammie asked me to give a talk at her baptism, I did NOT want to, but since it was her birthday, I said yes.  That was an adventure.  Here are the pictures I took of her for her baptism photos.

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  1. Those are super cool pictures. Sorry if you didn't want to give a talk but I'm sure you did absolutely amazing!